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Welcome to $weet $aver!  Home of the coolest tips on how to pinch pennies, stock pile your pantry or bathroom closet/cabinets and simply live $weet!

I’m a 37 year old Mom of 3 boys, ages 19, 12 and 2.  I am recently divorced and know all too well how it feels to stretch every dollar and sometimes go without so that my boys won’t. The economy lately has been traumatizing, to say the least, so learning how to save money is definitely a blessing!  Whether you’re a male or female, single parent, working or self-employed, saving money is definitely a challenge unless you’re Bill Gates or married to him. )

I have been blessed to learn strategies on saving up to 70% (and sometimes 95%) on groceries and stock pile my home in order to keep from running out of anything. Many times I’ve been able to give bags of groceries from my own pantry to those in need because I have an overabundance of necessities and never run out.

I will be posting articles with tips on how, where, and when to save. 

Jesus Christ is my CEO and He is the sweetest saver of them all! (pun intended..haha)

So thank you for visiting, please pass the link to my website on so that others can be blessed as well!

God bless you and your families!

~Priscilla Reyes~

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